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    Sell your home in Greater Springfield, MO Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Sell My Springfield House - Worry Free Listing Program
    Sell My Springfield House - Worry Free Listing Program

    The Worry Free Listing Program

    The Most Seller-Friendly Listing Program In Springfield

    It’s possible to find highly-qualified buyers interested in your home, to sell your home faster, and to get your full asking price… all without pulling your hair out. See what sets our listing program apart.

    1) Flexible Commissions

    With several options to choose from, commissions for your home sale range from 0% to 7%. Whereas most real estate firms charge the same fee for every home they list, we leave the choice to you. And letting you choose means more money in your pocket.

    2) Sell It Yourself While Listed And Pay Nothing

    We’ve found an incredible way to take the risk out of selling your house, while keeping you from making potentially costly mistakes in the listing process. With our “Sell It Yourself” program, if you find a buyer for your home while it’s listed with us, you owe us nothing! That’s a ZERO percent commission. On the other hand, once you’ve found your own buyer, we’ll handle your contracts paperwork for a mere 1% commission. Of course, there’s the option to do the contracts yourself, in which case you owe us nothing!

    3)Cancel Anytime – No Long-Term Contracts

    This is the ultimate no-hassle home selling program available in Springfield, MO. No long-term agreements, no obligations, and you’re free to cancel at anytime. Read more about this one-of-a-kind offer here.

    Interested in listing your home with us? Give us a call at (417) 319-7000 or complete the form below to have one of our licensed Listing Agents give you a call.


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