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Join The Team Real Estate Team! And Re-Energize Your Real Estate Career

Whether you’re a relatively new Realtor or a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge, the proven Team Real Estate Team Model can take your career to the next level!

BOTTOM LINE: Our Agents Sell Twice As Many Homes/Year As Our Competitors

Competitor data based on published national averages. Local office performance may vary.

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How Do We Do It? Our Team Model Sets Agents Up For Success

What makes REALLY great teams great? It’s the fact that, on great teams, each team member is in a position which perfectly showcases their strongest skills.

So why is it then the traditional real estate brokerage model relies on having agents perform dozens of activities which (1) aren’t their strongest skills and (2) aren’t income producing?

The Traditional Brokerage Model
(A.K.A., Jack of All Trades, Master of None)

Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Model

What if a football team rotated the responsibilities of QB among the different team members? (Or if a band rotated the responsibilities of drumming among the band mates?) It just doesn’t make any sense!

If you’ve got someone who loves to do something on the team, let her or him do it all the time— and everyone benefits.

The Team Real Estate TEAM Model
(A.K.A., Do More Of What You’re Best At)

The Select Homes Team Model for Real Estate

This is the fundamental idea at Team Real Estate. And it’s allowed us to help thousands of families (you read that right— thousands!) and completely destroy the pre-conceived notions of “maximum earning potential” in the real estate industry. Because the less you have to divert your attention to non-income-producing activities, the more you’re able to sell. And the more you’re able to sell, the more you’re able to earn!

Ready to Join the Team?