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Weddings in Springfield, Missouri

Weddings in Springfield, Missouri


One of the major items that need to be checked off quite earlier than others on your wedding ‘to-do’ list is the location of the ceremony. Now, when choosing a location there are a lot of factors to consider and questions that need answers. Questions like ‘does it match the wedding theme?’, ‘is it within the budget?’ ‘does it reflect you as a couple?’ or ‘is it large enough to seat everyone?’ should be asked before one sign off on a wedding venue. In Springfield, Missouri weddings and bridal ceremonies happen most often, and this is why the city has tons of amazing locations where anyone would die to get married in. Springfield alone has over 200 of such locations and choosing just the one can consume an ample amount of time as you will need to research on each. Therefore, we are highlighting some of the most exquisite wedding locations in Springfield, Missouri so that this decision can be made faster.


  1. Haseltine Estate

This prestigious location features an 1897 Missouri mansion in all its majestic splendor. If you are going for a classy wedding, this might just be the place for you. The grounds of the Haseltine Estate are serenaded by gardens, poolsides, and of course, rural ambiance. This wedding location provides quite the ideal setting for the commencement of your journey to forever. Haseltine Estate is located just 5miles west of the Springfield public square and as magnificent as the estate is, the couple with their guests can enjoy a privately exclusive ceremony in this private estate. With 30 rooms, over 8500square feet (10 acres) of space, and the accommodative power of 50-200 guests, not to mention free parking privileges, Haseltine Mansion can be booked for the entire wedding charade from bridal showers to rehearsal dinners and of course the actual wedding ceremony. With a price margin of $1,200-$2400, this wedding location offers a fine fusion of historic elegance with modern-day love.


  1. Greenhouse Two Rivers

As its name implies, this Springfield wedding location is an all-glass greenhouse which has a square footage of 7,000. The greenhouse rests on about 20 acres of land encompassed with ponds, all-round panoramic views, and picturesque sceneries. This location gives an outdoorsy vibe even though guests are seated within is walls. Couples can decide to either conduct the wedding ceremony outdoors on the 20 acres of lush land and enjoy the nice ceremony inside the greenhouse or vice versatile. Greenhouse Two Rivers is a Springfield wedding location that also has accommodative resources like restrooms and suites, and it can fully handle one’s wedding weekend. With a maximum capacity of 300 people, Greenhouse Two Rivers will give each guest a one of a kind experience on your special day.


  1. The Veridian

The Veridian is a premier wedding location that is situated in the heart of downtown Springfield. This indoor venue boasts of a fun, spacious, and flexible atmosphere perfect for wedding parties. The Veridian is a historic location and even though its renovation took place in 2010, it still maintains its historic elegance and poise. This wedding venue can accommodate no more than 300 guests and it grants access to the banquet hall, main lobby, and the picturesque outdoor deck which so happens to overlook downtown Springfield to these guests. The Veridian is a classy wedding location that is perfect for couples who want the exclusivity of privacy at their wedding. Suites are also available in this fine establishment to the bride and groom.


  1. The Savoy Ballroom

This 1900 established venue is one of the most magnificent venues in Springfield. This fine indoor establishment features the likes of grandeur architecture, royal elements, and spacious atmospheres to create lasting memories as it is one of the largest event venues in Southwest Missouri. The Savoy Ballroom portrays unique elegance by every definition of the word, and it makes the couple feel like royals. From the setting to the décor, the theme to the ambiance, this place gives off wedding vibes and it can comfortably seat 50 to 250 guests. This wedding venue also provides amenities like courtyards, wheelchair-accessible entrances, and lots more. For a historic location, The Savoy Ballroom is quite the catch.


  1. The Old Glass Place

Old Glass Place is as unique as it sounds. It is an industrial venue which is in downtown Springfield. The Old Glass Place is not your average ballroom. With a capacity to handle over 550 guests, and a rental space of over 12,000 square footage, it is a great spot for hosting large weddings. The décor here is so versatile and can be done according to your vision. Included in the booking package are two event areas: the large room and the front area. The front area can be used as a bar, photo booth, or cocktail tables while the larger room can be personalized according to your taste. This location also has accommodation amenities like suites and restrooms. The Old Glass Place is perfect for weddings regardless of their commencing time as one can rent the venue for 12 whole hours. Hence the couple and their guests have all the liberty to dance the night away.


Springfield is a city that has witnessed thousands of weddings over time. Hence, you can say love thrives in this city. Now, having a Springfield wedding or any other wedding for that matter comes with the planning. This planning would be incomplete without a wedding venue or location and as much as there are so many options to choose from in Springfield, it’s great to highlight some of the best. These wedding venues are designed to reflect the couple’s love while catering to their guests and ensuring everyone has a great time. As unique as each one is, it gives you perspective on the kind of wedding you’d want to have as the location usually complements the theme. Each of these locations offers something unique from the other and they are all within the confines of Springfield, Missouri.

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