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    Table Rock Lake Vs Lake of The Ozarks

    Table Rock Lake Vs Lake of The Ozarks

    The battle between which Missouri based lake deserves the most credit has gone on long enough with the spoils of war being the empty pockets of tourists and their beautiful experiences which will last a lifetime. Table Rock Lake and Lake of the Ozarks are Missouri’s finest water bodies and they’re home to amazing sceneries, cultural fires and of course, amazing people of diverse roots. Each lake has its uniqueness and it’s somewhat difficult to choose which is the preferred option because both lakes have great significance to their respective communities, and they rank high.

    Table Rock Lake is an artificial lake created by damming Missouri’s White River some 50 years ago. The lake extends 75 miles upstream and is one of Missouri’s finest water-based tourist sites. Lake Of The Ozarks, on the other hand, sounds almost medieval and is equally a reservoir that can be found in Missouri’s heart with proximity to the cultural riches and civilization of the state. This piece aims at highlighting the features, activities, and riches embedded in both lakes in a bid to make you decide on which.

    Both lakes have a lot in common but we aim at isolating each one, just to see how it stands when compared to the other. Let’s start with Table Rock Lake.

    Table Rock Lake

    This artificial lake was constructed from 1954-1958 and it covers a sparse area of 43,100 acres. Table Rock Lake is a popular attraction site to locals within Shell Knob, Missouri, and Branson. It’s also popular amongst tourists who can’t seem to get enough of the breathtaking views from its nearby dam. Table Rock Lake has a lot of arms where coves are created. Navigating your way through this water community is simple as the people are very helpful and the signs lead you to where you’re meant to be. The lake and its environs are located in the Midwestern US and for visitors who prefer to fly, the lake is less than an hour away from SGF and BKG airports.

    What to do

    The question should be ‘what can’t you do’ because, at Table Rock Lake, you can do everything on both the moderate and extreme levels of fun. At Table Rock Lake, the rental service is pretty extensive. From boat and wakerunners to a ton of water toys and water-themed parks. There are lots of nearby attractions at Table Rock Lake. These attractions include the Titanic-World’s largest museum attraction in Branson, the IMAX entertainment complex, Silver Dollar City-themed park, and lots more. You can explore the lake through a jet cruise at Branson Jet Boats, not to mention unwinding at one of America’s best-themed parks, White Water. If all this is below your adrenaline speed, why not try zip lining at Wolfe Mountain. The views there are subliminal. There’s so much fun to have at Table Rock Lake and this is only a tip of the iceberg. Being a lake you can expect lots of water-related sports and activities like snorkeling, boating, fishing, and other water sports. The community engulfing Table Rock Lake is so vast that the options for accommodations as well as real estate opportunities are not just numerous but easily profitable. Lots of retail stores and shopping outlets available at Table Rock Lake as well. It is easily a destination and residential site.

    Lake of The Ozarks

    This lake came into existence by impounding the great Osage River in 1931. This lake has a surface area of 54,000 acres. Hence, you can easily see that it’s much bigger than Table Rock Lake. Lake of the Ozarks has a serpentine shape from an aerial view and this gives off a bit of mysterious perception about the lake and this earned it the nickname ‘The Magic Dragon’. There’s a lot of history behind this lake but it’s all contributed to its present success and this is evident in its annual tourist influx records of 5million people. Since its impoundment, this lake has catered to the needs of people from different spheres of life, not to mention their travel experiences. Lake of the Ozark and its environs is located in the heart of Missouri with proximity to concrete cities and vacation beaches. There’s something for everyone here.

    What to do

    There’s so much to do here that we may need a separate article to cover everything. First off, no one visits this amazing body of water without experiencing its powers. From the world-class boating experience to fishing from the shorelines or maybe just cozying up and enjoying the aquatic views. There are plenty of things to do on the lake and lots of water-themed parks, aquariums and watercraft to experience. Places to go include the very popular Lake of the Ozarks state park where tourists and investors can take in the lush landscapes of Ozark from the eagle eyes of its lakeside campsites. This is one of the best ways to see the shoreline. It’s also important to note that this park is Missouri’s largest state park and it covers all 17,000 acres of underdeveloped shorelines. Golfing is also popular in this lake and with the Osage National Golf Resort not to mention Bear Creek Valley Golf Club just a drive away, you can shoot into all the holes you want. The Bagnell Dam is also a sight to behold as it spans 2500ft as it creates ripples of rainbows. Other amazing places to see include the Bridal Cave, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Brumley’s swinging bridges, Big Surf waterpark and so many others. Because of how much this location is thriving, real estate is such a profitable venture in this city. The Lake of Ozark is such a beautiful location that words cannot quantify its depths. Go see it for yourself.

    Having isolated both locations it’s apparent that both lakes have their strengths. However, this battle can only be conquered with an experience-based opinion of both lakes, not by mere speculations. So pack your bags and go on both lakes!

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