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Looking for Cheap, Outdoor Recreational Activities for the Family?

Canoeing/Kayaking/Hiking/Camping In Springfield Missouri


Missouri is such a beautiful state rich with tons of resources ranging from natural occurring to concrete picturesque locations. These naturally occurring resources include caves, lakes, rivers forests, and lots more. This is why the state has tons of nicknames, but the most appropriate for this piece is the ‘Show Me State’ as we aim to present some of these beautiful enriching resources to you. These resources have contributed quite a lot towards tourism, wildlife conservation, and of course leisure/entertainment in the state.


Springfield is a city in Missouri with more than enough of these resources to keep its residents fully entertained for centuries to come. A lot of residents and visitors in Springfield, Missouri love participating in activities like canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and camping, and thanks to the beautiful gifts of nature present in the city, these activities are well facilitated. Hence, this piece is highlighting some amazing locations within Springfield where one can go to enjoy and participate in any of the mentioned activities.



These activities are pretty similar, the only difference is the apparatus used and maybe some techniques too. However, both sports are carried out on a water body and enjoyed by people of various ages. Hence, finding a water park, stream, resort, or lake where you can go canoeing or kayaking in Springfield should be a piece of cake. Here are a few of these hot spots.


  1. James River/Lake Springfield

This river is perfect for floating sports like canoeing or kayaking especially in the spring or summer times when the tides are low and the waves are calm. This river is 99miles long and it commences near Diggins in Webster County and flows through its course to Table Rock Lake. Now, canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks can be rented at the Lake Springfield Boathouse and beginners can start by putting their weapons at the Joe Crighton Access found on the East Battlefield Road. Once their canoes, kayaks, or paddleboards are put on this access point, they can easily float downstream to Lake Springfield in no longer than 5miles. Now, at Lake Springfield, you’ll have a blast because not only is the course protected, there are tons of amazing fishing, birdwatching, and just meditation opportunities for you. The James River and Lake Springfield possess calming sceneries, beautiful species of birds and fish, and a lot of fun experiences.


  1. Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is only an hour’s drive south from Springfield. This spot is located at Bradleyville, a small town with extensive waters. It’s about 5miles from the Bradleyville bridge and has such crystal clear waters that you can see suckers, carps, and other aquatic species just cruising down there. Beaver Creek route is so defined that paddlers don’t need to watch out for trees. The creek has some spots where the river picks up speed and it forms an ideal training ground for learners. The river also intersects with the Bull Shoals Lake and at this confluence forms a famous spot for seeing different species of the bass fish. You can service your canoes and kayaks from the Beaver Creek Canoe Rental that’s just upstream from the Bradleyville Village. Beaver Creek offers the goodness of nature in doses of rivers, streams, aquatic life, fresh clean air, and tranquility.



Camping and Hiking are outdoor activities that usually go together alongside canoeing or kayaking. Now, apart from relationship building, these activities help in building survival skills while keeping one in tune with nature. Now, while camping is done on sites, hiking is carried out on trails which is why it’s more of exercise activity. Regardless of the technicalities, both activities go together, and here are some spots in Springfield Missouri where you can set up camp and go on a hike.


  • Wilson’s Creek Greenway

Wilson’s Creek is part of the conglomerate of greenway trails courtesy of Ozark Greenways in Southwest Springfield. The trail here links to that of South Creek Greenway and it travels through the Rutledge Wilson Farm Park. From this park, the creek spans about 5miles length, and its surfaces are made of concrete and asphalt. Wilson’s Creek Greenway trail so happens to be a national recreational trail where people go hiking, camp, canoe, camp, bike, or walk. Thus, this trail has gained national recognition and it’s even wheelchair accessible. The river at this creek is mostly calm with a few rapids, the environment is safe and you can hike up the trail while enjoying the finest of nature’s elements.


  • Riverside Campgrounds

Riverside Campgrounds is under the jurisdiction of the Springfield Park District. This campground is very extensive and covers a great area of land. It even features about 87 campgrounds just to mention a few and it offers a calming natural environment that would appease the outdoorsman. Now, to facilitate your stay, the campground’s hosts are always available on-site to assist campers in any way possible. Riverside Campgrounds offers amenities like dump stations, handicap accessible restrooms, and showers too. Now, for campers who prefer a more primitive approach to camping, Riverside Campgrounds also has tents available in the more grassy plains. Camping fees range from $20-$35 a night depending on your type of camper which could be motorized, pop up, or tent. Other options include $140 weekly, and $450 a month. Riverside Campgrounds. This campground has the amenities and offers any type of camping experience you would want.


The Show-Me State does have a lot of resources under its sleeves. Take Springfield, Missouri for example, it has amazing locations and picturesque natural resources and the workforce that can satisfy your need for outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or camping. These locations are very diverse and can be found in the different zones of the city. They offer the best of wildlife, tranquility, and fun while keeping you in sync with mother nature and all her elements. From the campgrounds to the trails, rivers to the creeks, Springfield possesses the ability to facilitate these outdoor activities.

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