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Adequate Reserves during your Home Buying Process

Adequate Reserves


How much money you have in a liquid account also helps. On average borrowers need 6 to 12 months of mortgage payments to qualify for an investment property loan, but the more you have the better your chances of approval.


The money must be in a liquid account – one that you can tap into quickly should you need the funds. Liquid assets can be converted into cash quickly. A few examples include checking, savings, money market funds, mutual funds, and bonds.


The more positive factors you can prove, the easier it is to get traditional investment property funding. While lending has gotten looser in recent years, investment properties pose a different level of risk that you must prove you can manage. Adding investment properties to your portfolio is a great way to hedge against risk and increase your bottom line. Let us help you with your investment property financing, allowing you to tap into this exceptional market with numerous possibilities.

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