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    Waterfront Ozarks

    By Taylor Yake | August 2, 2021

    Springfield VS Branson, Cost Of Living – Waterfront Apart from belonging to the same geopolitical zone of the same state and sharing an airport, there’s nothing particularly similar about both of these towns. Springfield, on one hand, ranks 3rd as the largest city in the state while Branson falls on the 75th. The landmass of... Read More

    Missouri Deer Season

    By Taylor Yake | November 18, 2020

    So, you want to move to Missouri. You may have more or less hunting restrictions in your home town, but if you want to continue the sport in Missouri, this is what you will need to know. Happy Hunting! Missouri Deer Hunting Season – All You Need to Know   Missouri, the midwestern jewel has... Read More

    Father’s Day Experiences in Springfield, MO

    By Taylor Yake | June 10, 2020

    Bass Pro/Fishing/Gigging In Missouri Missouri is popular for a lot of reasons. From its several thousand natural caves to its beautiful streams and resorts even down to its histories. However, one activity that makes Missouri even more popular is hunting. Hunting is a popular sport in the state which is open to both residents and... Read More

    Kid-Friendly Lakes Within 50 Miles from Springfield’s Center

    By Taylor Yake | June 1, 2020

    Kid-Friendly Lakes Within 50 Miles from Springfield’s Center Springfield, Missouri is popular for a whole lot of reasons. It could be its title as the third-largest city in Missouri, its vast recreational options, or maybe it’s because of the hunting privileges which residents and visitors are entitled to. Whatever it is, Springfield is undoubtedly blessed... Read More

    Weddings in Springfield, Missouri

    By Taylor Yake | May 26, 2020

    Weddings in Springfield, Missouri   One of the major items that need to be checked off quite earlier than others on your wedding ‘to-do’ list is the location of the ceremony. Now, when choosing a location there are a lot of factors to consider and questions that need answers. Questions like ‘does it match the... Read More

    Looking for Cheap, Outdoor Recreational Activities for the Family?

    By Taylor Yake | May 18, 2020

    Canoeing/Kayaking/Hiking/Camping In Springfield Missouri   Missouri is such a beautiful state rich with tons of resources ranging from natural occurring to concrete picturesque locations. These naturally occurring resources include caves, lakes, rivers forests, and lots more. This is why the state has tons of nicknames, but the most appropriate for this piece is the ‘Show... Read More

    Best Caves to Explore in Missouri

    By Taylor Yake | May 11, 2020

    Caves in Missouri   Missouri is home to a ton of fascinating natural and artificial resources. This includes lakes, skyscrapers, picturesque sceneries, vibrant artistic architectures, and lots more. The state is also plagued with some of the most amazing people, social activities like hunting, canoeing, and of course flourishing tourist attraction sites too. On the... Read More

    Table Rock Lake Vs Lake of The Ozarks

    By Taylor Yake | April 27, 2020

    Table Rock Lake Vs Lake of The Ozarks The battle between which Missouri based lake deserves the most credit has gone on long enough with the spoils of war being the empty pockets of tourists and their beautiful experiences which will last a lifetime. Table Rock Lake and Lake of the Ozarks are Missouri’s finest... Read More

    Adequate Reserves during your Home Buying Process

    By Taylor Yake | February 13, 2020

    Adequate Reserves   How much money you have in a liquid account also helps. On average borrowers need 6 to 12 months of mortgage payments to qualify for an investment property loan, but the more you have the better your chances of approval.   The money must be in a liquid account – one that... Read More

    Low Debt-to-Income Ratios

    By Taylor Yake | January 28, 2020

      Your debt-to-income ratio indicates your ability to pay your bills on time. If you’re overextended, you may find it hard to keep up with your payments. Think of both your front-end (housing) and back-end (total) debt ratio.   Front-end ratio – This is your total housing payments versus your gross monthly income. Keep this... Read More